E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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The E5 Plus electric kitchen knife sharpener is an exclusive offering available only through Williams Sonoma. The E5 Plus combines the high performance features of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener and the versatility of the Upgrade Kit. In addition, the E5 Plus features a 10" Ceramic Honing Rod (in place of standard 8" rod), and a textured graphite color finish.

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Williams Sonoma teamed up with Work Sharp Culinary to bring you an exclusive version of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener. The E5 Plus combines the automated One Touch Programming features of the E5 knife sharpener with the versatility of additional 15° East and 20° West sharpening guides—and their corresponding specialty sharpening belts—as found in our Upgrade Kit. In addition, the E5 Plus has a unique, textured graphite finish, and upgrades the 8" Dual Surface Ceramic Honing Rod with a 10" professional length version.

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