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E3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The E3 electric kitchen knife sharpener is designed to provide the home chef with an easy way to achieve professional sharpening results without leaving the kitchen.

  • Sharpening guides make it easy to sharpen like a pro
  • Gentle on knives – keeps them cutting and looking like new
  • The included ceramic honing rod delivers a fresh cutting edge before each meal less than a minute by preserving the cutting effectiveness of your knives

90-Day Guarantee
3-Year Warranty

E3 Electric Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod

The Work Sharp Culinary E3 electric kitchen knife sharpener is a complete knife sharpening solution for today’s kitchens. The E3 includes a 2-speed electric sharpener for sharpening and refining edges, plus a ceramic honing rod (coarse and fine) to add a razor-sharp finish to your kitchen cutlery. Based on traditional belt sharpening techniques, the E3 creates a sharp-as-new edge the same way manufacturers sharpen knives at the factory.

Precision sharpening guides, continuous speeds, and high-performance sharpening belts make the E3 knife sharpener easy to use, gentle on knives, and clean enough for the counter top. Follow up with just a few strokes along the honing rod before prepping your ingredients and your knives are ready to go.


17° Sharpening Guides for the E3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Precision Sharpening Guides

The E3 uses built-in sharpening guides to eliminate guesswork. The guides are designed to produce the 17° Work Sharp Edge – a balance of the precise cutting ability of Eastern knives and the strength and durability of Western knives. The guides lined with genuine leather to protect the face of your knives – ensuring they look as good as they perform.

Ceramic Honing Rod for the E3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

8" Ceramic Honing Rod

The included ceramic honing rod delivers a fresh cutting edge before each meal in less than a minute by preserving the cutting effectiveness of your knives.

Flexible Sharpening Belts for the E3 Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Professional Grade Sharpening Belts

The E3 electric knife sharpener uses a professional grade sharpening belt engineered specifically to sharpen all types of steel without removing excessive material – protecting the value of your culinary knives, extending their life, and maintaining sharp-as-new cutting performance. The E3 comes with one sharpening belt installed and ready to use, with two additional belts stored inside the unit. Learn more about our premium sharpening belts here.

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sharp knifes but by Gabriela Kusano
Its very very easy to use and my knives are quite sharp. Also sharpened my scissors and a serrated bread knife. But when I sharpened the 3rd knife I got a slight tear in the belt and it stopped running. I taped the back with scotch tape and turned the belt from front to back. Did finish all my knives but I think I have to reorder belts already. That's not so nice.... The belts are quite expensive and should last longer especially after you just spent $200!!!

Best knife sharpener on the market. Period! by Mark Fugett
Finally!!! A knife sharpener that actually works (in minutes) and worth every dollar spent. Don't waste your $$$ on other sharpeners as these Work Sharp folks in Oregon obviously know how to sharpen knives. It's ridiculously easy to use and transformed our dullest kitchen knives into razor sharp culinary tools again. Our knives can easily shave the hairs off my arms (seriously), and easily cut thru paper like a razor blade (see video). Even serrated knives were a breeze and become razor sharp in minutes sharp. We keep our E3 on our kitchen counter-top so now our knives NEVER become dull. Don't hesitate on purchasing. I plan on purchasing a couple more and giving them as Christmas gifts.

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