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E5 Sharpener, 20-Day Free Trial

Model #: CPE5-20

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E5 Electric Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod and MicroForge™ Technology

The Work Sharp Culinary E5 electric kitchen knife sharpener uses controlled speeds and timed sharpening cycles to shape, sharpen and refine all your kitchen knives at the touch of a button. Based on traditional belt sharpening practices, the E5 creates a sharp-as-new edge the same way manufacturers sharpen knives at the factory.

Precision sharpening guides, controlled speeds, and high-performance sharpening belts make the E5 knife sharpener easy, clean, and gentle on knives. A dual grit ceramic honing rod uses sharpening guides for consistent edge refinement, and includes a MicroForge™ port to cold forge micro-facets along the cutting edge. A MicroForge™ edge enhances cutting performance, extends edge durability, and improves knife control.

When you are ready to start preparing a meal, just a few strokes along the honing rod and your knives are ready to go. Honing preserves the cutting effectiveness of your knives, and extends intervals between sharpening. Maintaining your edges preserves the value of your cutlery, and lets you continue to enjoy the art of cooking!


One Touch Programming

Exclusive to the E5 series, One Touch Programming has the sharpening knowledge built-in. Push to Shape, Sharpen, or Refine, and the E5 automatically adjusts speeds and running time to match the degree of sharpening desired.

Precision Sharpening Guides

Sharpening guides eliminate guesswork and uneven sharpening. The E5 applies the 17° Work Sharp Edge – a balance of the precise cutting ability of Eastern knives and the strength and durability of Western knives. Combined with the convex shape of the cutting edge created by sharpening with belts, your knives will perform like new or better, stay sharp longer, and continue to provide the value and integrity your knives were made to deliver. The E5 Upgrade Kit (sold separately) expands the sharpening capabilities of the E5 with 15° East and 20° West sharpening guides.

8" Ceramic Honing Rod

The included ceramic honing rod delivers a fresh cutting edge before each meal in less than a minute by preserving the cutting effectiveness of your knives.

Professional Grade Sharpening Belts

The E5 electric sharpener uses a professional grade sharpening belt engineered specifically to sharpen knives without removing excessive material – protecting the value of your kitchen knives, extending their life, and maintaining sharp-as-new cutting performance. The E5 comes with one sharpening belt installed and ready to use, with two additional belts stored inside the unit. Learn more about our premium belts here.

Exclusive MicroForge™ Technology

Work Sharp Culinary’s MicroForge technology creates the ultimate edge for cutting vegetables and utility work. Learn more about MicroForge here. MicroForge is only available on the M3 and E5 sharpeners.

Customer Reviews

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The only downside is that I did not have one fifty years ago! by J.D. Horwitz
Of note is the fact that The Work Sharp Culinary takes advantage of a belt that sharpens first in a downward direction then in an upward direction. This eliminates the ‘Wire’ or burr often found on the edge of knives sharpened in one direction only. Often this wire has to be honed, stropped or polished out to eliminate a ragged but noticeably rough edge.

The Work Sharp design is a significant improvement and allows a cleaner edge on a sharper blade.

When all three belts were used, a very fine edge was achieved and the results were nothing short of amazing. As with all very fine edges, it tended to dull faster, however, initial results and increased speed of use made this the preferred method for sharpening where perfect presentation was needed. By comparison, the results from the Chef’s Choice were very good, but the Work Sharp had it beat in every circumstance.

I always look for ways to improve existing products; a better design, an easier way to access features or a more attractive package. After months of use, I can not find any improvement. Perhaps the only downside is that I did not have one fifty years ago!

Never have my knives been sharper by Scott Rossow
The first time I used the E5, I cut through a ripe tomato like I never have before. My knives have never been nearly this sharp and the sharpening process couldn't have been easier. Huge fan of this product.

Best. Sharpener. Ever!!!! by Craig Henderson
To keep this short I will tell you that I own another electric sharpener and it has never given me the results that the E5 has! I have sharpened all of my kitchen knives (I have a lot of kitchen knives) and they are performing just as they did the day I purchased them. No doubt, the best knife sharpener on the market. I also don't think that you can put a price on properly sharpened knives, so, if you are serious about having sharp knives, the price of this machine should be a not be an issue!

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