E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener
E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener
E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener

E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The E5 Plus electric kitchen knife sharpener is an exclusive offering available only through Williams Sonoma. The E5 Plus combines the high performance features of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener and the versatility of the Upgrade Kit. The E5 Plus also includes a 10" Ceramic Honing Rod in textured graphite color finish for touch ups between sharpenings.

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Williams Sonoma teamed up with Work Sharp Culinary to bring you an exclusive version of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener. The E5 Plus combines the automated One Touch Programming features of the E5 knife sharpener with the versatility of additional 15° East and 20° West sharpening guides—and their corresponding specialty sharpening belts—as found in our Upgrade Kit. In addition, the E5 Plus has a unique, textured graphite finish, and upgrades the 8" Ceramic Honing Rod with a 10" professional length version.

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My kitchen needed this! by Laura
I was always too busy to take my knives to a professional and too afraid of trying to sharpen them myself. I was sure I would destroy them. So for years, I just settled for dull knives. Well, that’s all changed now! The Work Sharp Culinary E5 Plus Knife Sharpener has given new life to my kitchen knives! The foolproof, step-by-step instructions taught me how to sharpen knives safely and conveniently in my own home. It’s so easy! And not only does this sharpener do a fantastic job sharpening knives, but it looks great when it’s sitting on my counter too! Beautiful quality!!

Congratulations Work Sharp! This is a winner! by Michael
This model definitely builds on the features of previous models. It is just as easy to use, but adds critical features (variable belt speed, knife angle options, ceramic honing rod, etc.) that takes this model to the next level for sharpening kitchen knives. I didn't think my knives were that dull since I sharpen them somewhat regularly. However, I noticed a big difference in sharpness after using the "Repair and Restore Recipe". Bottom line is that it took "sharpness" to a new level for my knives. Nice Job!

Holy Fantastic by C. Marie
Let’s start with this. Im in Love. Ive been thinking about throwing out my cooking knife set for 4 months. They were once fabulous and sharp and just wonderful. Then they would hardly cut an apple let alone a tomato without mashing it (you know what I’m talking about where it gets squashed down and all the juice and seeds shoot out the sides) anyway-Introducing this beauty the E5plus. She’s wonderful (yup she). My knives are sharper than when I bought them! See ya later tomato and game on watermelon. I carve my watermelon by removing all the outer rind leaving a big watermelon egg. This is nearly impossible and extremely frustrating with a dull knife. Psssh I was a carving maniac. For the first time I was a little sad I’d already finished. My knife was flying through like it was nothing. Basically what I’m saying is GET THIS ONE!! You will NOT be disappointed! Comes with a great quick start guide just in-case you don’t read all the instructions first (you know who you are). Fast and basically fool proof. SO thankful I decided to give her a try before I threw my whole set out!

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