E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener
E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener
E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener

E5 Plus Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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The E5 Plus electric kitchen knife sharpener is an exclusive offering available only through Williams Sonoma. The E5 Plus combines the high performance features of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener and the versatility of the Upgrade Kit. The E5 Plus also includes a 10" Ceramic Honing Rod in textured graphite color finish for touch ups between sharpenings.

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Williams Sonoma teamed up with Work Sharp Culinary to bring you an exclusive version of the E5 kitchen knife sharpener. The E5 Plus combines the automated One Touch Programming features of the E5 knife sharpener with the versatility of additional 15° East and 20° West sharpening guides—and their corresponding specialty sharpening belts—as found in our Upgrade Kit. In addition, the E5 Plus has a unique, textured graphite finish, and upgrades the 8" Ceramic Honing Rod with a 10" professional length version.

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Easy to Use & WORKS! by Bryce
This sharpener was very easy to set up and begin using, I was sharpening my knife in just a few minutes after opening the package and wow it worked well. In less than thirty seconds my knife went from dull to razor sharp.

Great Belt Sharpener and Easy to Use by Brian
This is an outstanding home sharpener that uses a belt system. Most electric sharpeners use moving diamond hones to sharpen knives. If you are careful, such sharpener can work but the downside is that it is really easy to take off an awful lot of metal and shorten the life of your really nice and expensive knives. If you use your knives a lot, and want them sharp, electric hone sharpeners are a bad way to go. If you have the time and inclination, hand sharpening using flat stones and a ceramic hone stick, will give you really good results but there is a steep learning curve. I use stones for some of my knives with excellent results but I have been at it for decades. I have used belt sanders with great success. The best feature of belts is that you get a convex edge which helps a sharp knife glide through food with less resistance than the multiple angled edge that you get from the electrical diamond hone machines that give your two or three different angles on your blade. Once you shape the edge of your knife to the desired convex angle (with a medium or course grit belt) thereafter you will only need to use you steel or ceramic stick to maintain sharpness between infrequent touchups on a fine grit belt. This way of sharpening will be easy on your knife and extend its life. This new Culinary WorkShop belt sander is designed to bring the great benefits of a belt sander to those who have no experience with industrial/home work shop belt machines that require the user to know how to create the right angle for your knife. The WorkShop makes it easy to get the desired edge (20, 17 or 15 degrees) for your style of knife. I use a lot of Japanesee knifes that are 15 degrees. For an exact 15 degree edge you need the upgrade kit. However, the standard model comes set up for 17 degrees which, to my surprise, works fine on my Japanese knives and will also work great with all but the thickest of European knives that traditionally come with 20 degree edges. In fact, converting your 20 degree European edge to 17 degrees will almost always make your knife easier to use and noticeably sharper. The WorkShop Culinary has built in edge guides that will establish the correct angle for you. It also has time cycles and "recipes" for the edge and knife you are working with. For an advanced knife person, the programs are not necessary but they really are very helpful to a less experienced person and will keep you from taking off too much metal. With a little practice, (on those old dull knives at the back of your drawer that you never use) you will quickly be getting great results and razor sharp kinves. This tool is highly recommended for both experts, who want a fast and easy tool, and those who want to learn how to maintain their essential knife equipment in great condition for a long life. Highly recommended.

Ultimate Sharpener by Bob Mac Vicar
This is it, fast, easy and precise.

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