Features & Technology

Featured on the E5 & M3 Models.

Work Sharp Culinary’s exclusive MicroForge technology creates a longer lasting, more durable edge with greater cutting control. MicroForge can be applied to any knife through a cold forging process available on the E5 and M3 sharpeners. MicroForge applies micro-facets to the cutting edge of the knife blade. The resulting combination of straight and faceted cutting edges enhances cutting performance with veggies, fruits, cooked proteins, and your favorite freshly baked breads.

Featured on the E5 & E3 Models.

When knife manufactures create a new knife, they use abrasive belts to create a razor-sharp cutting edge. Work Sharp Culinary kitchen knife sharpeners use the same belt technology to safely keep your knives sharp as new. Sharpening with belts creates a convex cutting edge on your knife. This type of edge is the choice of professionals and knife makers for its ability to cut better and stay sharp longer than flat ground edges. Work Sharp Culinary belts are engineered to be long lasting, gentle on knives, and maintenance free. Your knives will perform like new again, without ever leaving your kitchen.

Work Sharp Culinary uses professional grade abrasive belts for sharpening and honing. The abrasives are engineered to constantly expose a new surface as they wear, creating consistent results throughout the life-cycle of the belt. Lesser quality belts tend to lose their ability to remove material near the end of their life, requiring more frequent replacement.

Work Sharp Culinary belts:

  • ZA Blue Belt- Coarse
  • P120- Red Belt- Medium
  • X35- Grey Belt- Fine
  • X4- White Belt- Extra-Fine

The E3 and E5 sharpener both come with a Red P120 Medium belt pre-installed. This single belt is capable of shaping, sharpening, and refining blade edges by varying the speed and duration it is used. The Replacement Belt Kit contains 3 of the Red P120 Medium belts.

The Master Belt Kit contains 4 types of belts: one Blue ZA Coarse belt, two Red P120 Medium belts, one Grey X35 Fine belt, and one White X4 Extra-Fine belt. These belts are intended to be used in conjunction with the East and West sharpening guides found in the E5 Upgrade Kit to create and sustain traditional East and West cutlery edges. Details describing the application of each belt is found in the Upgrade Kit user guide.

Featured on the E5, E3, & M3 Models.

Work Sharp Culinary kitchen knife sharpeners are designed with Sharpening Guides to provide a precise and consistent edge every time you sharpen.

Expandable sharpening capabilities are available for the E5 with the Upgrade Kit (sold separately). The Upgrade Kit provides additional sharpening guides to maintain traditional edge geometries found on classic Western and Eastern knives.

Featured on the E5 Model.

One button easily controls all three sharpening stages: Shape, Sharpen and Refine. Each stage runs at a controlled speed on a pre-programmed timer. With One Touch Programming, the guesswork is eliminated – simply turn on the sharpener and go! No counting strokes or feeling for a burr.

Featured on the M3 Model.

Sharpen your knives with the 320-grit tapered diamond rod. Follow with the honing rod to create a razor-sharp finish. The ceramic rod provides a quick solution for refreshing a knife edge between sharpening.

Featured on the E5 & E3 Models.

Our sharpeners are designed to become an integral part of your kitchen environment—that’s why we designed them to be clean, quiet and safe. The E3 and E5 electric sharpeners incorporate an integrated vacuum system to keep your counters clean during sharpening—requiring no maintenance or upkeep on your part.